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Eni: towards a vote on an employee shareholding plan

( - Eni announces that its Board of Directors has decided to submit to the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on May 15, 2024 a proposal to authorize the adoption of an Employee Share Ownership Plan 2024-2026.

The Plan will initially be implemented for employees in Italy and then gradually extended to foreign subsidiaries, in accordance with local legislation, with the aim of strengthening the sense of belonging within the company and participation in the growth of the company's value, in line with the interests of shareholders.

In concrete terms, this plan provides for two annual allocations (in 2024 and 2025) of free shares with an annual individual monetary value of 2,000 euros. A 3-year lock-up period applies to each allocation, during which the employee may not sell the shares.

In 2026, a co-investment model will also be introduced, whereby, when the employee purchases shares, free shares will be allocated in the amount of 50% of the shares purchased, up to a maximum value of 1,000 euros.

A 1-year vesting period will apply to shares purchased by the employee, and a 3-year vesting period to shares allocated free of charge.

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