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Carrefour: Alexandre Bompard to be reappointed

( - Carrefour announces that its Board of Directors has unanimously decided to propose to the next AGM on 26 May 2023, the early renewal of Alexandre Bompard's term of office to align it with the duration of the "Carrefour 2026" strategic plan.

This mandate would thus be renewed for a period of three years, until its 2026 General Meeting.

Furthermore, in line with the strengthening of its governance powers, the Board of Directors has also decided to extend the role of the independent Lead Director.

Following the recommendation of the Governance Committee, the Board of Directors has also made a number of changes to its Committees:
- Mathilde Lemoine, who will cease to serve as Independent Director as of the 2023 Shareholders' meeting and whose term will end at the 2024 Shareholders' meeting, will step down from the Audit Committee, as well as the Remuneration Committee that she was chairing.
- Marie-Laure Sauty de Chalon, Independent Director, the renewal of whose term will be proposed at the Shareholders' meeting of 26 May 2023, will step down from the CSR Committee and will join the Audit Committee.
- Stéphane Courbit, Independent Director, has been appointed Chairman of the Remuneration Committee.
- Stéphane Israël, Chairman of the Audit Committee and Lead Independent Director, is to join the Remuneration Committee and the Strategy Committee.
- Arthur Sadoun, Independent Director, is appointed to the Governance Committee.

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