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Atos: launches myQLM and Bullsequana Edge

( - Atos announces the launch of myQLM, a program that provides researchers, students and developers with quantum programming tools to improve access to quantum simulation and encourage innovations in quantum computing.

myQLM will be freely available to all users of the Atos Quantum Learning Machine simulator (Atos QLM), the world's most powerful quantum simulator, capable of simulating up to 41 quantum bits.

In addition, at the Atos Technology Days organised at VivaTech, Atos announces the launch of BullSequana Edge, presented as the world's most advanced Edge Computing server, for peripheral data processing.

BullSequana Edge is designed to be used for the Internet of Things (IoT), in environments where fast response times are critical - such as industry 4.0, autonomous vehicles, and health and safety in businesses and at airports .

This embedded server securely manages and processes IoT data, close to the source where it is generated, for immediate processing. It analyses and executes real-time applications of artificial intelligence (AI).

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