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Eurofins Scientific: new test for liver transplants

( - On Friday Transplant Genomics, a subsidiary of Eurofins Scientific, announced the launch of "Trugraf Liver", a new gene expression analysis tool designed to optimise immunosuppressive treatments for liver transplant patients.

In a statement, Eurofins says that immunosuppressive drugs play an essential role in protecting patients against graft rejection following liver transplantation.

Due to the complications associated with the use of these treatments, doctors sometimes have to make the choice to reduce immunosuppression in order to minimise these adverse effects, the group explains.

Until now, optimising immunosuppression has been largely a process of trial and error, Eurofins says, which believes that this approach will change with the marketing of this blood test for genetic biomarkers.

The Eurofins share is up about 1.7% in mid-morning trading today, about 0.5% above the market.

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